The Liz McNicholl Band

Liz McNicholl (vocals/guitar) * John Hurley (vocals/guitar) * Fred McKay (Bass) * Pete Blossom (Guitar)

Liz started her own Connecticut based band in 2002, which hails some of the finest musicians in the area. Their sound has evolved into a crisp blend of Folk/ Americana style over the years with many originals songs intertwined in their repertoire. They released their debut CD in Oct 2009 (under their former name “The Crickstones”).  

With tight harmonies and solo-dueling/lick trading by John and Pete on guitar.  Fred McKay, bassist anchors down the songs with his steadfast rhythm, often played through his Ukulele bass (a tiny instrument in contrast to the tall bass player that he is) and has a voice that will melt the world away.

The band, led by Liz McNicholl who hails originally from Co. Meath, Ireland adds beautiful vocals ranging from Celtic to folk/Americana Style often said to sound like the "Irish Adele" or Eva Cassidy.  With tons of personality, a bit of wit & their voices & instruments blended so perfectly,  the band will transport you for the evening and will take your troubles away ... well at least "temporarily"! 

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The Crickstones Live on the New Haven Green at the mainstage of the Arts and Ideas festival,Liz McNicholl (vocals/guitar), John Hurley (vocals/guitar), Peter Blossom (guitar), Fred McKay (bass)

Video by Steven Maguire

McLaughlin Vineyards, Sandy Hook, CT 2012

Video by Steven Maguire